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InterVote is specialized in setting up and carrying out of complete interactive sessions domestically in the Netherlands, Europe and the Middle-East, supported by different voting systems. The systems consist of individual keypads with push buttons with which the participants can state their preferences in reaction to visually presented statements and questions.

The event related preliminary discussions, assistance in setting up the programme text, programming of statements and questions, field installation, operation, taking-down of the voting system and processing of the results are all part of the duties of the InterVote project specialist.

Lite keypad

The IVS Lite keypad is a wireless keypad that communicates by means of radio with the receiver. It is equipped with a simple display that shows the choice that was made. The keypad has 10 keys to cast a vote and is very suitable for every interactive meeting. Identification is possible by means of the number programmed in the keypad. That also allows use of the keypad for quizzes.

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