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How does taking a vote on a question work?

Each participant in a congress, training or seminar has the disposal of a keypad (voting pad). In larger groups data projection is often used, by which the participants can immediately see the questions and the answers. At the moment that the voting is opened, each participant can individually respond to the question by keying in a choice on the keypad. At the closure of voting the total of these answers is immediately stored and processed into easy to interpret graphs. Alongside you find an example of these graphs. Because of the immediate feedback of the results the moderator can immediately act onto this. In that way insight is gained in the various aspects. The moderator or panel chairman can put a question to the participants, which he presents on a video screen. The participants can answer depending on the type of question with: yes/no, yes/no/? or with the numbers 1 to 10 inclusive. The numbers can also refer to multiple choice questions (by which also more correct answers are possible) or an assessment question. In all cases the result can immediately be projected after voting in a number of possible forms (bar graph or circle graph) with the relevant percentages or numbers. In addition, with an assessment question the standard deviation and the average is displayed. The moderator is also in a position to relate the results of the questions asked to the results of the so-called  ‘segmentation questions’. That is to say that each answer-result can be displayed separately with regard to particular groups of voters, which was earlier determined by means of a segmentation question.

What about the records after a voting session?

Afterwards the principal will receive a Management Report in colour with the obtained results, as projected during the voting, if so desired, extended with other statistical values such as averages etc.

What are the graphic possibilities with logos etc?

A custom-made background for the projection of the results is part of the possibilities as well as integration of ‘existing’ computer presentations. The use of company logos is part of the standard package of the modules.

What does hiring of the system cost?

The hiring costs of the InterVote system are subject to your wishes. Because of the fact that the software has been developed by InterVote, small adaptations to the system can be made, so that it will fully meet your requirements. Should you be interested, please contact us. An indication of the costs can be given.

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