Why InterVote

Below you will find ten unique selling points regarding InterVote in comparison with other competitors in the field of audience response systems, purchase or rental.

  1. InterVote has 1,800 keypads, meant for rental projects, in stock
  2. InterVote has a permanent crew of field specialists each with years of experience
  3. The InterVote (rental) voting system is fully up-to-date and undergoes functional controls regularly. From the market we know that some solution providers use inferior systems that are technically outdated and obsolete
  4. We do not calculate insurance fees for possible loss of keypads during events.
  5. We do not estimate a statistic loss ratio. The risk of losing equipment is entirely for InterVote.
  6. We use Turn-Key tariffs for (rental) events. In case that the event lasts longer than anticipated the extra costs will not be invoiced afterwards.
  7. We deem to be competitive with our tariffs. Because of the frequent application of our (rental) voting systems we can keep our estimates and quotations competitive.
  8. InterVote continues to develop new hard- and software for the expansion of the capabilities of the different Audience Response Systems and Voting Systems used and sold by us in the domestic, European and the Middle-Eastern markets.
  9. InterVote is a supplier for the largest Audio Visual companies in the domestic, European and the Middle-Eastern markets because these companies often do not have the correct expertise or hardware in-house.
  10. The quoted hardware and software of the voting system can be personalized to end-user specifications. For example, Arabization of the hardware and software is possible, it had been fitted on keypads with deliveries to projects in Saudi Arabia.

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